Hosting and Support

You are in safe hands with hosting and support from Musician Designs


Managed Hosting Rates

  • Solo Package – $19.95 – Per Month
  • Ensemble Package – $29.95 – Per Month
  • Agency Package – $49.95 – Per Month


Why do I need hosting and support?

Not everyone will need to purchase hosting and support from Musician Designs. If you have your own domain name and hosting already Musician Designs can build your site provided that you give access to your hosting service. Unfortunately not all hosts are equipped properly for our sites, but honestly, that is quite rare. If you are computer savvy and are comfortable uploading and editing files on your server then you might want to have full control and use your own server.

You should choose Musician Designs hosting and support if you either don’t have your own hosting and domain and/or you are not comfortable with computing tricky bits. Our pricing is on par with most hosting companies and the biggest benefit is that you can make use of our support!

What do you offer with your hosting and support?

If you host with Musician Designs we will manage your domain name and keep it registered each year, the annual fee for the domain name is included in our hosting packages. All of your files are securely stored on our server and you won’t have to worry about any technical issues at all!

What if I want to change after a couple of years?

That isn’t a problem, you can have control of the site and your own domain at any time. Because the transfer of domain names wipes all files from the site Musician Designs will have to make a copy of the site for you to upload manually once you have your own hosting running. The transfer fee is $75 and includes postage of materials anywhere in the world. Domain transfer can take up to two weeks and during this time your site might experience some down time 🙁