Build your own musician website, and save money!

The internet is such a wonderful opportunity for modern musicians, and after building over 100 websites for fellow musicians, I want to give back to my community by sharing the secrets of a successful online presence that saves you money. Money that can be used to make, record and promote your music online.

Step 1. Get yourself a web host

A website starts with hosting. Basically, a website is a collection of files and folders stored on a computer somewhere (usually a giant warehouse in Utah!). This computer has to run day in, day out with the singular function of keeping your files available to the internet community. In theory, you could do this yourself, but that would require your computer to be connected to the internet all the time! Not a realistic solution.

What is realistic, and very affordable these days, is to get a trusted host like Bluehost to host your site. Bluehost is affordable, and reliable and I have been using them for my clients for years. Simply sign up to one of their plans, and you are on your way to designing and installing your website.


Step 2: Build A WordPress siteĀ 

WordPress is free and is a very powerful website design tool. It, like everything else, has a learning curve. However, with some time and some research (there are a lot of good wordpress tutorials available online) you can be confident about constructing a site that will serve your needs.

Step 3: Choose a theme

WordPress comes with literally thousands upon thousands of theme options which you can choose from. Many are free and provide a great framework for your site.


Extra Resources:

Consider Online Teaching

If you are a musician who is already teaching one-to-one lessons you should look into the fastest growing market in the music education industry. Teaching Music Online.

It is a viable way to supplement your income with extra money and therefore offer more time to hone your craft and perform. For many situations the same information is offered over and over again. This kind of general yet important information can be leveraged in the process of online teaching. Video courses, skype teaching and online webinars are just three of the ways you can augment your current teaching income.

Here is an article that spells out the virtues of teaching music online with more information: 7 Reasons to teach music onlineĀ